MobileBytes ® POS merges the power, convenience and simplicity of Apple iPad ® hardware with cloud server technology, creating a point of sale system that can integrate easily with your restaurant. It allows you to fully operate with simple menu configuration, tableside ordering, electronic kitchen display and fully integrated credit card processing.

MobileBytes Overview

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MobileBytes Authorized Reseller
POS Technology
MobileBytes (4 Features)
Point of Sale, Guest App, Online Ordering, Kiosk

Point of Sale

Tableside Ordering

  • Decrease average table turn times.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster service.
  • Display beautiful photos of your menu items to guests.

Kitchen Display

  • Increase kitchen efficiency and productivity.
  • Quickly format display to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Perfect for the fast-paced kitchen environment.

Guest Display

  • View a guest friendly version of what the cashier is doing.
  • Customized to fit your brand.
  • Encourage an increase in order accuracy.

Host Waitlist

  • Send texts to guest when tables are ready.
  • No need for bulky, costly, limited-range buzzers.
  • Waitlist management during peak hours is effortless.

Delivery Dispatch

  • Turn-by-Turn mapping for delivery.
  • Easily assigns orders to drivers.
  • Managing your delivery operations has never been easier!

Signature Capture

  • Process paperless credit card transactions.
  • Reduce average table turn time.
  • Receipts emailed directly to customers.

EMV Processing

  • Protects you from chargeback liability.
  • Enhanced payment security for guests.
  • The simple, efficient way to process transactions.

Cloud Management

  • Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere, with any device.
  • User-friendly smartphone experience.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Time & Attendance

  • Photo verification easily tracks employee time.

Caller ID

  • Track calls and view order history for returning customers.

Advanced Chek Splitting

  • Simple check splitting makes your server’s job easier.

Room Layouts

  • Customize your layout to fit your unique space.

MobileBytes Gift

  • From design to printing, we do it all!

MobileBytes API

  • Provides third party integrators with direct access to data.

Guest App

Guest Engagement App

  • Your loyalty card is now in an App with Rewards.

Guest Engagement App

  • Save some time and Skip the Line.

Guest Engagement App

  • Scan to Pay and be on your way!

Guest Engagement App

  • Scan for Points to earn rewards.

Guest Engagement App

  • In a rush? Order Ahead from your smartphone!

Guest Engagement App

  • Explore new restaurants near you.

All This In One Amazing App!

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

  • Attract new customers and increase repeat business.
  • A user-friendly smartphone experience.
  • Customize your experience to fit your brand.



  • You don’t have to be a chain restaurant to benefit from Kiosk.
  • The perfect place to advertise your specials.
  • Order the way YOU want!

Slate Enclosures

  • SLATE 12 iPad Enclosure
  • SLATE 9 iPad Enclosure

Slate Enclosures

  • 100 Degree Rotation.

Slate Enclosures

  • Powder coated, steel iPad stand. No unsightly cables.
  • Point of Sale
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Kitchen Display
  • Guest Display
  • Host Waitlist
  • Delivery Dispatch
  • Signature Capture
  • EMV Processing
  • Cloud Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Caller ID
  • Check Splitting
  • Room Layouts
  • MobileBytes Gift
  • MobileBytes API
  • Guest App
  • Rewards
  • Skip the Line
  • Scan to Pay
  • Scan for Points
  • Order Ahead
  • Explore
  • Online Ordering
  • Kiosk
  • Slate Enclosures

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POS Technology
MobileBytes Authorized Reseller
POS Technology

An enhanced app experience

The guest app offers great benefits for your new and returning customers, including:

  • Skip the Line – Invite guests when they enter your restaurant to skip the line by re-ordering a previous order or creating a new one. Orders are instantly sent to the POS and to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Scan to Pay – Provide table guests a QR code on their check to quickly and securely pay their bill.
  • Scan for Points – Make earning points easy with a QR code on receipts instead of the hassle of a paper punch card or phone number.
  • Rewards – Allow guests to keep track of their loyalty points with ranking from Bronze to Gold—higher ranks mean more valuable rewards.
  • Order Ahead – Take orders without tying up employee resources by having guests place orders online with the guest app.

Features and benefits

  • Check splitting – Servers can easily split checks evenly up to nine times, even by seats, with a single touch.
  • Host waitlist – Send text messages to your guests' mobile phones when their tables are ready.
  • Cloud management – Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere with any device.
  • Tableside ordering – Turn tables faster and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Signature capture – Process paperless transactions and quickly capture customer signatures.
  • Kitchen display – Make your kitchen run more efficiently with speedy communication.
  • EMV processing – EMV chip card technology helps protect you from chargeback expenses.
  • Delivery dispatch – Perfect for high volumes of delivery orders.
  • Schedule management – Photo verification makes tracking employees’ time and attendance simple.

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