LINGA is a global leader in cloud-based operating systems and the creator of Linga rOS®, the world's first enterprise-ready cloud-based restaurant operating system designed for the hospitality industry.  LINGA Restaurant Operating System (Linga rOS®) is an all-in-one cloud point of sale system with industry-leading integrations and features to adapt to hospitality businesses of all sizes.  Including a set of integrations such as Online Ordering, Point of Sale, Self-Service Kiosk, Loyalty Rewards Program, Inventory Management, Driver app, QR Code-Based Menus, Kitchen Display System, Customer Display System, Cloud Kitchen, and Contactless Technology. LINGA's unique operating system is an innovative response to the demand for a one-stop solution for the hospitality industry. With automatic updates and offline functionality, LINGA rOS® equips businesses with the tools needed to succeed. Supported on iPad, Android, and Windows Web browser.



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Why buy 10 different systems when a single cloud-based restaurant and retail operating system provides everything you need.  

The cloud-based Linga rOS platform is a best-in-class solution for franchises.   

A 360-degree approach Linga ROS provides an easy-to-use interface with data integration across ten or more apps. 

Check out the full suite of capabilities Linga rOS offers which works on any device.

Monitor inventory across the enterprise to track food costs down to the ingredient level, get low stock alerts and reorder with a click.  Built for growth.  

Integrate with central kitchen and warehouse to track distribution request transfers and purchase orders from any location.  

Consolidated enterprise reporting and aggregated analytics at your fingertips view by location region or Enterprise -wide.  

Centralized call center taken route borders by location.  tokenize card payments or apply and redeem loyalty points.

Get data when and where you need it.

Share caller ID and CRM data to quickly access a customer’s favorite orders at every branch.

Easy online ordering and delivery allow customers to place orders and pay from anywhere even on the go.

Track drivers: give your drivers the apps they need to navigate, deliver and accept payments.  

Leverage enterprise customer loyalty, automate your marketing efforts reward your customers from any location. Track and assign points at every touch.

Deliver superior service and business efficiency.

Track kitchen speed with a customized kitchen display system.

Manage track and improve order times and reduce errors and paper waste.

Labor scheduling: create send and manage schedules make changes and send updates from anywhere important. 

Linga rOS offers options for self-serve kiosks customer facing displays or a complete wait list and reservation system.   Built to sync with table status and text alerts.

An open API lower cost of ownership with a Best of Breed PCI compliant  EMV ready solution.

It's a complete restaurant and retail operating system, easy, fast, secure and powerful.

Linga rOS contact us today for a live demo visit Linga

Functionality and flexibility

  • Cross-platform compatibility allows hospitality businesses to choose the best technology solution for their operations.
  • Customizable system built to fit your business’s specific needs.
  • Automatically updated with the latest features and functionality to help keep your POS systems running smoothly and secure.
  • Access the back-of-house data in real time from anywhere, on any device, anytime, in any language or currency.
  • Industry-leading integrations and features to run a successful hospitality business whether you have one location or 1,000. 

Features and benefits

  • Multiple platform options: LINGA is available on IOS, Android, and Web browser.
  • Safe and secure payments solutions: accept the latest and most secure forms of payments with low processing rates.
  • Increase table turnover and average check size with tabletop technology options.
  • Improve kitchen efficiency and increase orders with kitchen display and curbside alerts.
  • Payment Agnostic: You decide your processing partner.

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